Monday, June 25, 2012


Who doesn’t like holydays? Come on! Be honest! You know you want holidays right know haha. Well, me too, I really need them. Holidays are an important part of my life; they are the time when I can (and must) get strength back to be ready to start a new term or year, so I like to rest, travel and recover my energy.

There are people who like to visit cities in holydays; others prefer to share with the wild nature surrounded by lakes, mountains and pure air to breathe. In regard to me, I like both of them. I think it would be wonderful to be in a place where you can find a beautiful city and a lot of nature, but it’s a place difficult to find, so I think the best way to find that is travelling and looking at for it.

My last holydays were very short and I didn’t have time to go out of this city, so I just had fun here in Santiago, and recovered my energy. Next holydays I would like to travel all over Chile by my own, just my guitar and me.

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