Saturday, April 28, 2012

My guitar and you

“…como tampoco hay guitarra sin tecnología, tecnología del naylon para las primas, tecnología del metal para el clavijero, la prensa, la gubia y el barniz, las herramientas del carpintero”

(Mi guitarra y vos)
Jorge Drexler.

One of the best companies you can enjoy is the company of a guitar. A guitar is a beatiful musical instrument, and one of the most popular. Maybe you don’t think it’s a technological stuff, but actually, you need a lot of technology to make a good guitar.

I remember that the first time I played a guitar I was eight years old and I didn’t understand how it works. Through the time I was playing guitar a lot and I realized that guitar was more than just a fun instrument, it became an important thing in my life. I bought a new guitar last year and I think it will be with me for a lot of years.

I usually play guitar when I’m home, but I do it when I am with my friends too and also at the University, sometimes I play guitar when I’m supposed to be studying. To play guitar helps me to express my feelings and it give me a lot of peace. I love to play guitar.

I guess my life would be very different without a guitar, but I can’t imagine how it would be, maybe because I don’t want to imagine it.  

                                                                          Guitar painted by Pititore.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Post 2. An Irreverent Genius

Charly is an irreverent genius.
Today I’m going to talk you about one of the most important musician of Latin America and the whole world, Charly García. Charly is considered one of the fathers of Argentine rock because of the bands he created and his career as a soloist. When he was in school he met Nito Mestre and they started one of the best bands ever, “Sui Generis”, a few years later Charly and Nito went different ways, but their songs still remain trascendental. After that, Charly continued doing music by himself and with other bands too, but I think that when he started the band called “Serú Girán” with Pedro Aznar, David Lebón and Oscar Moro, he consolidated himself as one of the best. A few years later they separated too.
Charly’s songs are wonderfull, they are works of art, really! His music is magnificent and a lot of his lyrics have deep content. I wish I could tell you that I have a favourite song, but I can’t choose just one, Charly has a lot of fantastic songs, but if you want to listen one, just check the video, I hope you enjoy it! 

Post 1 This is who I am

Hi, I’m Alberto and in this post I’m going to tell you a little about myself.
 I’m from Santiago in Chile, the place where I was born and grew up in, specifically in Conchalí. I remember that my first and only one school was Instituto Alonso de Ercilla and there I was a normal child who liked to share with his friends and play soccer sometimes. After that, I was able to Universidad de Chile, where I’m studying psychology now.
         I live with my parents and I have an elder sister who lives with my aunt. Also I have a dog, who works as the doorbell of the house.
         Some of my hobbies are listening to music, playing the guitar and hanging out with friends. I like to play tennis, table tennis, and soccer a lot too, that includes a “healthy third time”. Sometimes I enjoy reading a nice book or trying to write something, or just having a nice conversation with someone.
         If you want to know something else about me, just ask.