Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Abajo el amor

Well, I didn’t know what to write about, but, my friend Fernanda made me remember a podcast we used to listen some time ago, and that I would like to listen to it again. A podcast is a web site when the owner of the site uploads sound archives and radio shows. This podcast is called “Abajo el amor”.

“Abajo el amor” is a podcast where you will find radio shows that contain a conversation between a psychologist and a journalist about letters (and phone calls, sometimes) that people send to them, where they talk about their love problems, and the psychologist tries to psychoanalyze them considering the information in the letters, and using the psychoanalytical theory.

I used to visit the site once in a week, because they upload one radio show a week, but I haven’t visited it for around four months, so I will have to visit it a lot to catch up with it.
I like “Abajo el amor”, because it’s a funny way to learn. 

You always will laugh while you listen it, because the journalist (José Miguel Villouta) and the psychologist (Constanza Michelson) joke all the time while they analyze each letter, and they can help people, giving them good advices in a funny way. 

The address to this website is:

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  1. Oh! I'm your friend Fernanda, hahaha.
    I listen abajo el amor too and I love it!