Saturday, April 28, 2012

My guitar and you

“…como tampoco hay guitarra sin tecnología, tecnología del naylon para las primas, tecnología del metal para el clavijero, la prensa, la gubia y el barniz, las herramientas del carpintero”

(Mi guitarra y vos)
Jorge Drexler.

One of the best companies you can enjoy is the company of a guitar. A guitar is a beatiful musical instrument, and one of the most popular. Maybe you don’t think it’s a technological stuff, but actually, you need a lot of technology to make a good guitar.

I remember that the first time I played a guitar I was eight years old and I didn’t understand how it works. Through the time I was playing guitar a lot and I realized that guitar was more than just a fun instrument, it became an important thing in my life. I bought a new guitar last year and I think it will be with me for a lot of years.

I usually play guitar when I’m home, but I do it when I am with my friends too and also at the University, sometimes I play guitar when I’m supposed to be studying. To play guitar helps me to express my feelings and it give me a lot of peace. I love to play guitar.

I guess my life would be very different without a guitar, but I can’t imagine how it would be, maybe because I don’t want to imagine it.  

                                                                          Guitar painted by Pititore.


  1. You always with a guitar and singing :) so nice!

  2. I love 'mi guitarra y vos' song!. I hope someday learn to play guitar!.